1. Someday I Will…

    “If daydreaming about our futures helps create the blueprint we use to reach high, then perhaps the prompt, ‘Someday I Will…’ brought our hopes, dreams and goals out from the playground of our minds and on to the wall in our classroom. Talking about our dreams is a small step on our paths to making those dreams come true.” —Lis Charman

    Project Title: Someday I Will…
    Facilitator: Tina Snow Le & Graphic Design & Art Students, Portland State

    Someday I Will… is a project inspired by the artist Candy Chang. Chang creates interactive projects combining street art with social activism and urban planning. She works to open up civic engagement in public space and provides people with easy and innovative ways to make their voice heard.

    Using Chang’s project, "Before I Die…" as inspiration, students create content and an installation by completing the phrase, “Someday I Will…” The result reflects the combined aspirations of the faculty, high school students and college students.

    Day one test run using post-its at Portland State.

    Centennial Learning Center students at CLC.

    Maryann Parrone, Tina Snow Le, Kate Giambrone and Ryan Swedenborg 

    The installation at The Centennial Learning Center.

    Day 1
    Post-It notes
    Pens and pencils

    Day 2
    Chalkboard paint
    White spray paint
    X-acto knives
    Colored chalk
    Hinges and screws (optional, to make A-frame)

    This is a multi-day workshop.

    Day 1 Brainstorming and Planning
    Step 1
    Introduce Candy Chang’s project (find PDF presentation here) to the students.

    Step 2
    Pass out Post-It notes. Have students spend a 10-15 minutes completing the phrase, “Someday I Will…” Post these up on the wall as they complete their Post-Its.

    Step 3
    Discuss! What do we learn from seeing each other’s aspirations? What impact do these have when they’re gathered together in a large quantity?

    Step 4
    Talk as a group and plan production of chalkboard installation. Brainstorm on locations to install the chalkboards at your school. What is a common space that everyone has access to? Where will people feel comfortable interacting with the chalkboards?

    Day 2 Construction and Installation
    Step 1
    Gather materials, and using plans from last class, work to construct homemade chalkboards.

    Step 2
    Install chalkboards in a public, common location at school. Hold an opening ceremony to encourage everyone to come and participate in the project.

    Project photographs

    Candy Chang, Before I Die
    — find PDF presentation here

    (Source: talkingandmaking)